This website, and the School, have grown slowly and organically from my original YouTube channel on Body-based Therapy that began around 2016. As of May 2022, we are now progressively becoming an organisation, one that serves both as a hub for those seeking information, techniques and facilitators, and as an umbrella for those who graduate from our Facilitator Training. I am very pleased with how it’s going! – Devaraj Sandberg, May 2022.

Who are We and What do we Offer?

  • We offer therapeutic techniques that use the body to heal the mind
  • We empower you to overcome the trauma of your past – with or without a facilitator
  • We flip traditional therapy on its head, allowing your body to create deep psychological healing
  • Thinking/Feeling/Body-sense/Being diagram
  • We offer body-movement therapy
  • Feel your body more… and heal!