Dev’s Bioenergetics Newsletter – November 2020

Okay, so here goes with another monthly newsletter. I want to try and keep them up.  PersonalWell, I’m getting ready for the new lockdown, about to happen Thursday. Waitrose is […]


Polyvagal Theory & Bioenergetics

I’m often asked about Polyvagal Theory (PVT) and how it relates to Bioenergetics. So, let’s do it! Introduction Polyvagal Theory is an attempt to create a neuroscientific foundation for a […]


Upstairs @ Six

Address: 102-105 Western Road, Hove, BN3 1FA Google Maps link: Parking: This venue is in a restricted parking area and I recommend you use public transport. Parking is limited […]


Brighton Electric Studio

Address: Tramway House, 43-45 Coombe Rd, Brighton BN2 4AD Google Maps: About: Brighton Electric Studios is the old Tramway House, next to the bus station on the Lewes Road. […]


Dev’s Bioenergetics Newsletter – October 2020

I wanted to sit down and write another proper newsletter as I feel like I haven’t done one for a while. A guy I know called Peter Limberg, in Toronto, […]


The Bioenergetics Facilitator Training

This 3-part training is intended to raise your knowledge, skills and awareness to a level where you can hold classes in Bioenergetics and work with people one-to-one. The Bioenergetics Facilitator […]


Reichian Characterology #5 – The Influencer

(aka Inspirer or Leader, formerly Psychopath) This is the only one of the Characters that is clearly recognised in mental health circles (DSM) – psychopath. This word has such extreme […]


Reichian Character Structures #3.4 Masculine Aggressive

Rigid subtype, Female Knowledge: Something to take from this whole series is an understanding of the significance of egoic strength, known in Freudian psychology as aggression. This aggression is not […]


Reichian Character Structures #3.3 Passive Feminine

Rigid Subtype – Male Appearance & Behaviour Soft feminine voice, lacking depth Soft, smooth, unlined feminine face Soft hands Gentle manner, exaggerated politeness, apologising, over-friendly, fake humble Lack of assertiveness […]


Reichian Character Structures #3.2 Hysterical

Rigid subtype – Female Introduction Something that is interesting to note in these Rigid sub-types is that the male and female personality develops quite differently from a similar childhood. This […]


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