Dev’s Newsletter – July 2021

Okay, so it feels like June was a pretty big month for me. Having been on a whole journey with my left hip and coming to terms with the reality […]


Dev’s Newsletter – June 2021

I’m just back from 10 days touring around the north of Scotland with my beloved, amazing times. Like, why did I never come here before? All those years spent travelling […]


Dev’s Newsletter – May 2021

Click here for Audio Version Spring has come to Brighton. It’s beautiful. However, there’s still a cold north wind a-blowing and the nights and mornings are chilly. But I love […]


Essence, Hove – How to access upstairs

For events in one of the upstairs rooms at Essence Hove, please note that you gain entry from behind the building. Please walk down the alleyway, either from Third or […]


Stick Your Belly Out to Inhale!

How 90% of us get breathing wrong Introduction As a body-based therapist, for years I’ve told group participants and clients to “breathe through the mouth down to the belly” when […]


Dev’s Newsletter – March 2021

Before getting too wordy this month, I thought I’d share a song. People used to ask me for music when I was running groups and I miss that. So I’ll […]


Dev’s Newsletter – April 2021

March has had its ups and downs for me. I’ve really got into “horizontal breathing” and have been super excited about this. Turned on like a teenager! Meanwhile, ongoing issues with […]


Dev’s Newsletter – Feb 2021

Moving to Italy Click here for Audio Version I have entered a new decade. I know what it’s like to be in my sixties. People are amazed when I tell […]


Dev’s Newsletter – January 2021

So, the New Year is upon us and it’s been kind of different for me. Though, to be honest, New Years in general have been of declining personal significance for […]


Dev’s Bioenergetics Newsletter – December 2020

Inspired by the positive feedback I had over last month’s newsletter, thank you guys, I have chosen to continue. Let’s do it… PersonalLockdown 2 is nearly complete here in England. […]


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