Dev’s Newsletter – Feb 2021

Moving to Italy Click here for Audio Version I have entered a new decade. I know what it’s like to be in my sixties. People are amazed when I tell […]


Dev’s Newsletter – January 2021

So, the New Year is upon us and it’s been kind of different for me. Though, to be honest, New Years in general have been of declining personal significance for […]


Dev’s Bioenergetics Newsletter – December 2020

Inspired by the positive feedback I had over last month’s newsletter, thank you guys, I have chosen to continue. Let’s do it… PersonalLockdown 2 is nearly complete here in England. […]


Dev’s Bioenergetics Newsletter – November 2020

Okay, so here goes with another monthly newsletter. I want to try and keep them up.  PersonalWell, I’m getting ready for the new lockdown, about to happen Thursday. Waitrose is […]


Polyvagal Theory & Bioenergetics

I’m often asked about Polyvagal Theory (PVT) and how it relates to Bioenergetics. So, let’s do it! Introduction Polyvagal Theory is an attempt to create a neuroscientific foundation for a […]


Upstairs @ Six

Address: 102-105 Western Road, Hove, BN3 1FA Google Maps link: Parking: This venue is in a restricted parking area and I recommend you use public transport. Parking is limited […]


Brighton Electric Studio

Address: Tramway House, 43-45 Coombe Rd, Brighton BN2 4AD Google Maps: About: Brighton Electric Studios is the old Tramway House, next to the bus station on the Lewes Road. […]


Dev’s Bioenergetics Newsletter – October 2020

I wanted to sit down and write another proper newsletter as I feel like I haven’t done one for a while. A guy I know called Peter Limberg, in Toronto, […]


The Bioenergetics Facilitator Training

This 3-part training is intended to raise your knowledge, skills and awareness to a level where you can hold classes in Bioenergetics and work with people one-to-one. The Bioenergetics Facilitator […]


Reichian Character Structures #3.4 Masculine Aggressive

Rigid subtype, Female Knowledge: Something to take from this whole series is an understanding of the significance of egoic strength, known in Freudian psychology as aggression. This aggression is not […]


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