Bioenergetics – The Journey is a 52 week online course through which you will learn all about Bioenergetics. It is the only course of its kind.

Each week you receive a new Workout Video, a guided workout that last around 30 minutes. In addition, you receive an Introduction Video, which explains the Workout in detail, giving you both precise practical information about the postures and explaining their psychological significance.

Each month you also receive a Theory Module containing highly practical, cutting-edge information about Bioenergetics, and a whole variety of applications it has. These include the treatment of anxiety, depression and low self-esteem and much more. A lot of this information I’ve gathered on my personal journey of the last 20 years, and much of it is of vital relevance to any individual wishing to heal themselves authentically and really step up into fulfilment. Much of it you will never find in mainstream or new-age psychology.

In addition, you get access to the exclusive Members Forum (only for people on the course), where you can connect, share and discuss with others on this unique journey. Here you can also ask me questions, or get any technical help with the site you might need.

I am fully, 100% behind this course. I want you to complete it and I am here to support you. I have been working full-time as a Therapist and Step-Up Coach for the last decade and have bucketloads of experience.

Who is this course for?

Bioenergetics – The Journey is suitable for…

  • anyone who wants to step up and become successful
  • anyone who wants to be guided and supported to complete a deep, year-long journey of transformation and discovery
  • anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of the role of the body in therapy
  • anyone who wants to start on the journey to becoming a Bioenergetics Facilitator

In addition, you will have the opportunity to participate in regular Zoom Meetings, hosted by me, Devaraj. There you will have the chance to introduce yourself, share about your experience, and ask me any questions you have in front of others on the course. These meetings will be recorded and available exclusively to others on the course, to support those who couldn’t make the meeting at that time.


You have two payment options…

  • Monthly subscription at £50/month (approx €60 or $65)
  • Lifetime access for a one-off fee of £500 (approx €600 or $650)

What happens when you complete?

After completing the 52 week course, you will receive a certificate. You will also be eligible to join the next stage of the Bioenergetics Facilitator course – Part 2.


Why Might Lifetime Access Be A Better Deal For Me?

It’s cheaper in the long run, if you have the intention to complete the course. In addition, because the course has literally 364 separate days of content, you might need or prefer to take longer than 12 months to
complete it.

For Whom Will The Monthly Subs Option Work Better?

The monthly subs option will work better for you if you just want to try out a month or two and see if it’s for you. Or if you can’t afford to pay for Lifetime Access right now.

Will Bioenergetics – The Journey Be Replacing Your YouTube Videos?

No! All my video content on YouTube will remain, and I will continue to add to it weekly. Bioenergetics – The Journey is for those who want to commit to really go on a deep journey with this work.

What Time Will The Zoom Calls Happen?

The default is planned for 7pm UK time. This should work for people in Europe and the US. I will create other times as well if needed

Do You Need Any Special Equipment?

No! At times you will need some equipment, but it should not pose an issue. You will need at some point… a yoga mat, foam roller, a sofa with solid back or Bioenergetic Stool.

I Only Have Low Internet Access, Or It’s Very Expensive. Can I Download The Content?

Sorry, but i do want to protect my content, as much as is possible. So the course can only be accessed through this website. However, low resolution versions are available through the player.

I’m Hard Of Hearing, Don’t Speak English As A First Language, Or Anyway Can’t Always Follow What You’re Saying. Do You Have Subtitled Or Closed Caption Options?

Captions are available from the Player. Language is UK English.

Does The Completion Certificate Give Me Permission To Teach Bioenergetics?

No. However, it is Part 1 of the 3-part Facilitator course.

If I complete the year as a subscriber, paying £50/monthly, will I then lose access.

As a subscriber, you will lose access if you stop paying subs. However, I offer lifetime access to monthly subscribers if you fulfil one of the following…

  • You join Part 2, the 6 month Bioenergetics Facilitator Training, whether as a subscriber or paying for lifetime access
  • You have paid a total of £700 as a subscriber