Polyvagal Theory & Bioenergetics

I’m often asked about Polyvagal Theory (PVT) and how it relates to Bioenergetics. So, let’s do it! Introduction Polyvagal Theory is an attempt to create a neuroscientific foundation for a […]


Reichian Character Structures #3.4 Masculine Aggressive

Rigid subtype, Female Knowledge: Something to take from this whole series is an understanding of the significance of egoic strength, known in Freudian psychology as aggression. This aggression is not […]


Reichian Character Structures #3.3 Passive Feminine

Rigid Subtype – Male Appearance & Behaviour Soft feminine voice, lacking depth Soft, smooth, unlined feminine face Soft hands Gentle manner, exaggerated politeness, apologising, over-friendly, fake humble Lack of assertiveness […]


Reichian Character Structures #3.2 Hysterical

Rigid subtype – Female Introduction Something that is interesting to note in these Rigid sub-types is that the male and female personality develops quite differently from a similar childhood. This […]


Reichian Character Structures #3.1 The Phallic Narcissist

Rigid subtype – Male Knowledge: Contrast with Oral or Endurer – these are pregenital phase trauma characters, sometimes called “ego deficient.” Orals tend to collapse. Endurers provoke then collapse. Phallic […]


Making a Bioenergetic Stool

You don’t require much equipment to do most of Bioenergetics, perhaps a yoga mat, a timing app, and a foam roller. But, at some point, it’s important to be able […]


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