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Jason Capital from the USA – When I was interested in bioenergetics, I did my research online and all signs pointed to Dev. I worked with Dev privately and through his online material. My experience was fantastic. I’ve referred 3 people close to me to work with Dev too and everyone’s raved about their experience. Dev really knows his shit! A true expert, and practitioner. You should work with Dev.

Ariane from Switzerland – I came across Devaraj’s work and Bioenergetics through a friend of mine at the end of 2019. I started practicing occasionally and felt the positive effects quite quickly. Taking the 52 week course brought me to another level through the (almost) daily practice. It is a deep work, challenging at time, but worth it a thousand time and Devaraj is here to support all along. The way back to our body to release what is held back that prevent us living fully who we are: an amazing journey. A gift to oneself!

Jack from Scotland – I completed the Journey in April 2021 and it was indeed a profoundly transformative experience. At times challenging, always rewarding, there is plenty of support available from Dev and through the weekly Zoom meetings. So how have things changed for me? Mainly I feel more present, especially with my nearest and dearest and I am dealing with the daily challenges that arise for all of us with more calmness and I find myself getting far less triggered by life’s frustrations. I’m finding it far easier to change my habits now… from getting up early to do some bioenergetics to squeezing in a run after work… previously these simple things seemed beyond me. There are many more things that have changed for me, all contributing to me leading a vastly more satisfying and fulfilling life. I highly recommend the Journey to anyone who is serious about turning their life around!


James from London, UK – Although I am still relatively early on in the Journey process, I am beginning to feel a gradual, but noticeable, letting go and uncoiling of very deeply held patterns and tensions in myself. I have explored many modalities over the years, some of which have helped greatly, but working with Bioenergetics feels like a direct path that takes me right to the root of my core issues. Make no mistake, I find the work of releasing repressed emotions highly challenging, and I know that there is still a long way to go. But these early stages of periods of embodiment after decades of living in my head feel leave me feeling that I am finally beginning to come back to life.

Dev’s on-going encouragement and support through text and the weekly online shares, his ability to speak candidly about his own journey, and the feeling of community around this work have been a source of both inspiration and nourishment. I highly recommend this course for those who, like myself, feel that that they have been dissociated from their body and therefore blocked from living their fullest life.

I look forward to seeing where this journey continues to take me.

Bioenergetics – The Journey (monthly subs)

Join me, Devaraj, for this 52 week course, “Bioenergetics – The Journey.” We will be travelling all around our body, learning how to free our energy up from repressed emotions, […]

Bioenergetics – The Journey (lifetime access)

Join me, Devaraj, for this 52 week course, “Bioenergetics – The Journey.” We will be travelling all around our body, learning how to free our energy up from repressed emotions, […]

Reichian Breathwork (Lifetime Access)

a 26 module online course, with Devaraj The Course This 26 module course will take you on a deep, experiential journey with Reichian breathwork – a series of body-based therapeutic […]

Reichian Breathwork (Monthly Subs)

a 26 module online course, with Devaraj The Course This 26 module course will take you on a deep, experiential journey with Reichian breathwork – a series of body-based therapeutic […]

Micah from the USA – As a naturopath and somatic bodywork practitioner I have done a lot of work with breathing and movement to grow myself spiritually, emotionally and physically over the last decade. I had been working with bio on and off for the last two years, but the 12 month journey has be remarkably impactful. I feel I am working into deep nooks and crannies in my body and psyche. I have found flexibility in my mind and body from this deep work. It is intense but it is worth it. Thanks Dev!

Antonio from Spain – Honestly, this review is really important to me. The Journey has been the most radical, effective, revealing, liberating and empowering bit of work I ever ever done for myself. I don’t know how to start thanking Devaraj for having followed his gut and heart and devoted his time to gather and share his knowledge, passing on this great tradition that is now benefitting folks like me. I struggled through most of my teens, twenties and thirties. I got to forty thinking I knew so much, yet miserable when things weren’t going my way. I knew stuff, sure. I had studied dozens of techniques, traditions, philosophies, mantras,… You name it. I learned wonderful things that I will always cherish. But nothing had broken through my inability to experience life in the raw. I knew I had all of these difficulties. I understood them. But it wasn’t until The Journey that the big shift came.

Dev is a man of few words, very few. Thank god for that. And thank myself for trusting him to lead me down this new path where I could give up understanding or trying to and just follow his instructions. Dev re-shaped my psyche and its habitual ways by constantly encouraging me to simply pay attention to my body, breath and attention. And by systematically answering my questions with ‘You don’t need to understand’.

As a result, these days -nine months deep into the journey- I have a completely different experience of myself second to second. What is more, the teachings in the course branch out in unforeseeable ways. My impression is that once you open up your system for life to run through it like it is meant to, things spontaneously begin to fall into place. My whole life is a lot better than it was ten months ago.

Finally it is worth mentioning how Devaraj is not overcharging students for his work. In an age of ubiquitous overblown hype, people like Dev are extremely rare. I hope you find The Journey as worthwhile of your time as I did.

Solange from France – I discovered the Devaraj’s YouTube channel in the spring of 2020 during the French Covid confinement. I did (more or less) the Lockdown exercises for week 1 to 10. Although I am not fluent in English, I am able to follow what is required. Then I signed up for the Journey, and for four months, I have been progressing slowly but surely in this bodywork. I am starting to feel the first effects in terms of grounding and energy.
I feel gratitude for all the resources Devaraj shares with us. Thanks to him.

Giselle from Holland – I’d been practising Bioenergetics since January 2019 via the YouTube channel of Devaraj and was so impressed by the effect it had on my wellbeing in such a short time that I did a one to one session with Dev. I was thrilled when the announcement came that he was to begin this 52 week course – The Journey. And yes it certainly is a Journey, but so worthwhile because everything is taken into account so that the absolute beginner will feel completely supported. Highly recommended!

Elan from the UK – After discovering body based work through a natural progression in my healing journey, coming across Dev and specifically the 52 week journey has been the most impactful part. This kind of body based work, goes deep into a whole spectrum of feelings, and is slowly awakening a lot of energy inside me, that has previously been trapped and inaccessible. Although this work can be very challenging, Dev is there to support all the way through. The best things never come easy.

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