Introduction to Bioenergetics (7 modules)

Introduction to Bioenergetics (7 modules)

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Welcome to my 7-module online course – “An Introduction to Bioenergetics.” This course is for anyone who’s interested in Bioenergetics specifically or Body-based Therapy in general. I will be guiding you on a deep journey with Bioenergetics, allowing you to experience the depth of personal transformation available when working with the body in this way.

Each module contains three components:

  • a brief, written theoretical element, explaining an aspect of Bioenergetics and Body-based Therapy
  • a Workout Introduction video, which explains exactly how to do the postures in this module’s workout and explains their psychological significance
  • a Workout video that you simply put on and follow along to. The Workout video needs to be completed 4 times on separate days before you move on to the next module.

Workouts will cover foundational postures like the Bow & Arch, Opening the Shoulders, Belly activation, Eye exercises, Lower Back and Pelvis opening, Belly breathing, the Pelvic Wave, Dog-Lion Release and more.

Theoretical elements include Principles of Bioenergetics, How to Stop Reinforcing Trauma through Incorrect Breathing, Mobilising Your Energy, The Belly Centre and more.

Workouts last between 15 and 30 minutes. The course can be completed in 28 days but I actually recommend that you complete it at a pace which feels right for you and which gives you time to integrate the effects of each exercise.

All you will need is some loose clothing, a small space where you can do the workouts, and a yoga mat or rolled-up towel. You do not need to make any loud noise for this course.

The exercises that you will learn in this course you can utilise ongoingly, keeping you emotionally healthy and vibrant for the rest of your life.