Transforming Narcissism

Transforming Narcissism

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A 7-module Bioenergetic Journey with Devaraj

Introductory Price – £129

This 7-module online course is for anyone who’s interested in narcissism, or who wants to work on their own narcissistic side. 

To introduce the course, let’s start by asking… how do you correctly identify a narcissist? 

Well, there are 4 core personality traits that are usually present. 

  • Firstly, they will have a higher than average need for attention from others and especially seek to get admiration or recognition. 
  • Secondly, they will have an inflated sense of self-importance that masks deep feelings of low self-esteem or unworthiness. 
  • Thirdly, they will tend to bind others to them in unhealthy and manipulative ways.
  • Finally, they will have hardened over their emotions and be functioning dominantly from the rational mind. Ask them what they are feeling and they will struggle to answer authentically.

If these four personality traits are present in someone, then that person is most certainly a narcissist.

In this intense, experiential course, I will be unravelling these traits on a much deeper level, giving you the understanding and the practices that you need to transform narcissism and to develop a healthy, nourished personality that you feel good about.

This course is not about “stopping being a narcissist.” Rather it is about learning how to use our narcissistic side as a stepping stone to creating a better and more authentic life for ourselves. 

The Course

Each week you will have access to a new course module. Each module consists of three components:

  • A theory component, giving you useful psychological information about an aspect of narcissism.
  • An Assignment that you need to complete. Some will be social assignments, others things you do alone. 
  • A Bioenergetic workout that you will need to complete 7 times on separate days.

I include Bioenergetics, a body-based therapy, in this course because without a physical component it will be hard for the narcissist to truly embody change. So each module features a guided 15-30 minute Bioenergetic workout to complete. 

Whilst a new module becomes available each week, you can take as long a time as you wish to complete this course. In fact, it is good not to rush. This course will absolutely transform how you think and feel about yourself and the world. 

Sign up now and say goodbye to narcissism!


Parts of this course may be emotionally intense. If you have had mental health issues in the past, I do recommend that you drop me a line just to discuss and to ensure this course will be suitable for you. Please email me at

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