Reichian Breathwork  (Monthly Subs)

Reichian Breathwork (Monthly Subs)

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a 26 module online course, with Devaraj

The Course

  • This 26 module course will take you on a deep, experiential journey with Reichian breathwork – a series of body-based therapeutic techniques developed by Wilhelm Reich back in the 1930s and improved upon by various therapists over the decades.  
  • These techniques will enable you to mobilise the “stuck energy” we hold inside from the past, and use that free energy to release muscular armouring. This will free up still more energy that we can use for living life to the full.
  • You will also gain a lot of useful knowledge about how to use the breath in therapy and in life, to maximise your potential and your pleasure.
  • Each module consists of 2 videos – an Introduction video and a Follow-Along Workout video. The Introduction video will explain fully the workout we are going to do, including precise practical details and it’s psychological significance. Once you’ve watched this video, you then follow-along with the Workout video, having the experience for yourself. 
  • Each workout needs to be completed 7 times on separate days before moving onto the next module’s content. 
  • Because this work needs to be completed in a certain order to be effective, you will need to complete each module in order. 
  • Although it is certainly possible to complete one module a week, by doing a workout each day, I do recommend that you take this course at a pace that feels right for you. This is very deep work and your body and mind need time to relax and process. 

Content Origin

I have taken the content of this course from multiple sources, all relating to the work of Wilhelm Reich and how it has been updated and improved upon over the years. These include Reich’s original writings in his book “Character Analysis,” Jack Willis’ “Reich Home Book,” the many neo-Reichian workshops I’ve attended and led, and my own learnings derived through working with these techniques for years.


  • You have two options for payment. Either you can get Lifetime Access to the course, or you can elect to pay monthly subs. 
  • If you choose subs, please be aware that you can cancel at any time but that, if you do, you will lose access to the course. 
  • However, subs are tied to a maximum of 8 monthly payments. So, if you complete these, you will then anyway be granted lifetime access.
  • The Lifetime Access price is a one-off payment of £300. The monthly subs are £60/month. 


  • Taking part in this course can be a deep experience and so I offer many options for getting support should you need it.
  • Firstly, you can reach out to me, via email or Telegram, and book a free 10 minute personal session anytime. I have decades of experience with this work and love to support people.
  • Secondly, you have the option to join the Telegram chat group exclusively for subscribers of this course and the Bioenergetics Journey course. There you will meet like-minded people on similar paths.
  • Finally, there is an optional weekly “sharing” on Zoom, again with participants of the Bioenergetics Journey course, which you are welcome to attend. Date and time of this session are emailed out weekly.

Commitment and Equipment

  • The workouts last from 25 to 45 minutes each so you need to be able to commit this level of time on the days you choose to do them. I also recommend that you leave yourself 10-15 minutes after each workout when you don’t have to do anything especially important or stressful. This is for integrating the experience.
  • To do the workouts, you will need a small space of around 10 feet, or 3 metres, square.
  • You will need loose clothing, such as a t-shirt or sweatshirt and tracksuit bottoms.
  • You will need two yoga mats, one to start with and a second for use in some workouts. Later in the course you will also need a buckwheat hull-filled yoga cushion or similar very firm cushion. See examples here.

Course Content

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