The Leaving Strategy

The Leaving Strategy

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The Leaving Strategy is the term I use for the Reichian Character Type originally known as the “Schizoid” character. It refers to someone who, as a safety strategy, dissociates from the body and occupies a world primarily of thoughts.

Leaving the body is becoming a huge issue in our world. More and more of us spend our lives in front of a screen, making our way through life thinking about everything. We lose touch with the sense of our body and our natural spontaneous energy and emotionality.

The issue with dissociating in this way is not simply that we spend too much of our time thinking and not feeling. Rather it is that, when we want to return to feeling – to relax and create resilience – it is not easy to do so. Our body tenses certain specific muscle groups when we spend our days in front of a screen, and these muscles will not simply relax when we want them to. The result is that we over-stress ourselves, still thinking away on our hamster wheel, when we know that actually we need to relax. Living in this state for any significant length of time greatly increases the risk of us succumbing to mental health conditions like anxiety and depression.

In this 5-module course you will learn how to reverse this trend. You will learn how to bring your awareness progressively back into the body. Once you can do this, you will be able to work in front of a screen for extended periods and come back into the body afterwards, allowing yourself to relax and recharge.

Each module consists of four separate components. 

  • Firstly, there’s a brief, written theoretical element, explaining an aspect of The Leaving Strategy in clear, simple language. 
  • Secondly, there’s a Workout Introduction video, which shows you exactly how to do this module’s workout and explains its psychological significance.
  • Thirdly, there’s a Workout video that you simply put on and follow along to. The Workout video needs to be completed 7 times on separate days before you move on to the next module. You can tick off each day as you complete it.
  • Finally, when you’ve completed all the elements in a module, there’s a “You Did It!” video where I celebrate and big you up for completing. Don’t miss that bit!

Take this course and learn how to stay present in your body to enjoy a successful, productive and loving life!

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