Dev’s Bioenergetics Newsletter – December 2020

Inspired by the positive feedback I had over last month’s newsletter, thank you guys, I have chosen to continue. Let’s do it…

Lockdown 2 is nearly complete here in England. Tomorrow we come out and can once again roam freely in our hundreds around Primark, but not sit down in a pub together! I find myself somewhat curmudgeonly about the whole thing right at this moment. And I am still somewhat suspicious about it all. But I have actually been doing good in the last month. 

Sea swimming has been a revelation for me. I have never really done it before outside of the UK summer. A guy dashed into the sea during the break for Project Man last January, and being the workshop leader, I felt compelled to follow him. It was cold as f! My mind was freaking out and I stayed in only a minute or so and was grateful that he did not stay in so much longer and make me feel even more of a wimp!

Since then it has bugged me that I couldn’t even face a few minutes of cold, despite having been into cold showers for 4 years now. I am grateful that a couple of other people around here have been up for the sea swimming too. I have managed every day so far, and built it up to twenty minutes in the water daily. I even find myself looking forward to it.

The sensation of cold lasts a minute or two, then I find it not so hard. The challenge is handling the “after drop” when I get out, especially on cold days with no sun. All the heat that has been directed to the body core whilst immersed moves quickly back to the limbs and a kind of hypothermic shock takes over the body. My brain half shuts down and my body starts to shake. Just putting on clothing becomes a major challenge! But I’ve learned how to cope with this and how it’s a good idea not to go to Tesco’s when in this condition. The security guard follows me around clearly concerned that I’m some kind of dodgy character on the rob!

I do Bioenergetics every morning for 30 odd minutes. Then 5 days a week, I work at my various projects until around 1 or 2pm. Then I do my sea swim for 20 minutes. Then I work a bit more or chill out on my own or with my partner. This simple routine seems to work for me. It keeps my energy moving and it keeps me engaged with what’s going on around me.

My unravelling take on Covid and the measures now finds me in a place where I accept that the world does need a massive change. During Lockdown 1, I had space to catch up with all sorts of exciting new speakers about world affairs, especially Daniel Schmachtenberger and Scott Alexander. I realised that, climate change regardless (which I think has become too politicized), we really are simply on an accelerated pathway to destruction. I see that we really can’t go on as we have been, and that I need to accept huge levels of personal and social change. I’m hoping that Covid is providing an interruption event that can slowly usher this in and that we end up with a more long-term, sustainable society.

My partner has also found a local job, which is great. This also supports me to have a more 9-5 attitude about my daily life and keeps us from being too much in each other’s faces all day in our relatively small Hove flat. Right now life actually feels pretty okay.

The Book
I’ve kept up work on Part 2 of my Bioenergetics trilogy. I’ve done 12,500 words now and am not experiencing too much resistance. 500 words a day, 5 days a week – just do it! Writing about success, as in writing about Characterology, has its personal benefits. I find myself writing about this or that principle and a little voice inside saying, “Uhm, and how much are you actually doing that one yourself?” Getting pull-ups and developmental challenges from my work, even when I work for myself, is inspiring. I guess I teach and learn what I myself most ongoingly need to do.

The Online Course
I’ve been creating content for Part 2 for several months now. Later in December it will be 12 months since The Journey launched, so the first few graduates will be joining. I’m excited to see how this great experiment continues and what new learnings arise from this Part 2 Bioenergetics Facilitator Training Course. 

Something I really like about The Journey is that I charge sufficient money, whether as a one-off payment or monthly subs, to give everyone personal attention any time they need it. They just have to reach out and message me and we do a free one-to-one chat. This is in marked contrast to so many businesses these days, where they seem to more and more outsource customer help, often simply to machines! Being someone who likes working with people, I actually enjoy unravelling what’s going on for someone and seeing if there’s a way for them move forwards. I’m also becoming aware that this is a huge selling point for the course. 

Therapy is changing. Facilitation is changing. One exciting thing about doing stuff more online is that you really have to want it. When I was in training 20 years ago, if I’m honest, a big part of it was all the friendships and love opportunities that ongoing group therapy presented. True, getting entangled in all this stuff provokes feelings that can be worked on usefully in the workshops. But of course ideally you do a therapist training because you sincerely want to be a therapist. Online it’s not so sexy, there isn’t so much interaction and you do really have to want it. There is something in that. 

What I see, from this whole Covid thing and introspecting on all the therapy I’ve done over the years, is that most therapists who offer the deeper, more confrontational work tend towards being quite rigid in their personalities. They struggle to adapt to a changing environment. I think this is why so much of the deeper therapy approaches seem to have died away now, to be replaced by interventions that look good on social media but that rarely offer enough real self-encounter to create lasting change. The world is changing too fast for many deep therapists to keep up. My hope is that we can still keep some of these traditions alive into coming generations. And enough good therapists develop the flexibility they need to still reach people.

The School of Bioenergetics
I’ve had a small hitch with the UK Intellectual Property people about trademarking the name, The British School of Bioenergetics – not helped by the fact that I really don’t understand much about trademarks. But, I’ve pleaded ignorance to the powers that be and very nicely of them, they’re looking at how they can help me get this completed.

Right now, my plan is simply to create an online hub. But if things look up next year, then I will also be trying to locate the school somewhere physical and offer live-in Bioenergetics on a communal basis. This stuff moves your energy so powerfully, I want to take the experiment further and see how it is to have people living and working in this energy of positivity and growth.

With the arrival of Lockdown 2, sadly I had to cancel November’s workshop. But, as soon as the coast is more clear, I will be running stuff again. Right now I am still offering one-to-ones to those in need, as permitted by the measures.

Other Bioenergetics News
No other news this month but do drop me a line if you have some Bioenergetics news

That’s it for me for this month. Please do write in if you have comments. I do enjoy hearing from people who are into this scene and catching up with how it is for them.

With love and best wishes


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