About myself

  • Date of Birth – 15 Jan 1961 
  • Nationality – British from birth
  • Ethnicity – Anglo-Iranian
  • Employment Status – self-employed and company director

Therapist CV

  • I graduated from 4 Year Therapist Training with the Humaniversity in Holland in May 2005. This highly experiential training was in Group Therapy, Emotional Expression and related Body-based Therapy. Link here – https://humaniversity.com/
  • I was resident at Osho Leela in Dorset, a leading Personal Development centre, from 2002 – 2019. From 2010 onwards, I ran therapy weekend workshops and longer workshops, including elements of the 9 month Leela Life Training. I specialised in Bioenergetics and related body-based therapy techniques focussed on issues of Depression, Anxiety, Anger and Sexuality. Link here – https://osholeela.uk/
  • I have been a Director of Osho Leela from 2006 up to the present day, where I oversee Finance and Business Management, and also advise about therapeutic programmes.
  • Since 2010, I have personally led many hundreds of workshops in London, Brighton, Dorset and abroad. 
  • I have been running one-to-one for therapy sessions for clients from 2014 up until the present day, both in person and online.
  • I run the British School of Bioenergetics, which offers an IPHM accredited training in Bioenergetics Facilitation.
  • I have a diploma in Anger Management.
  • I have written the book “Bioenergetics: Part 1 – Healing Trauma & Conditioning”  available at Amazon, Waterstones etc. Link here – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Bioenergetics-Healing-Trauma-Conditioning-Devaraj/dp/0995770891 
  • I am the creator of the most popular Bioenergetics channel on YouTube. Link here – https://www.youtube.com/c/DevarajSandberg
  • I run the website bioenergetics.org.uk