Dev’s Newsletter – April 2021

March has had its ups and downs for me. I’ve really got into “horizontal breathing” and have been super excited about this. Turned on like a teenager! Meanwhile, ongoing issues with my left leg led me to finally getting an X-ray and it turns out I have some osteoarthritis in my hip. 

I’d been noticing movement issues for the last year and a half and hoping some physio type stretches that I got from the doctors would correct this. But this wasn’t really happening, at least not consistently. I didn’t go further with the NHS as I knew they were busy with Covid. Then, a few months ago, I began to see an assortment of therapists locally – acupuncture, deep tissue, osteopathy and more. They created a little more movement in my knee and hip but I didn’t feel like much was really shifting. In the meantime, I noticed that whilst doing a couple of yoga stretches my left hip was really lacking mobility in one direction. 

So I went back to the doctors, now online, and they gave me a quick appointment with the local X-Ray facility and it turned out I’d got some arthritis. It wasn’t like a bolt out of the blue as I knew something really wasn’t moving. But in my mind I was like, oh god now I’m sixty and I’ve got arthritis and I’m turning into an old, immobile person!

The NHS have been super-helpful and I’m now triaged to see a specialist. They’ve also given me another set of workout-type stretches which I’m actually enjoying doing. In truth, it’s relieving to know what the issue is and to follow up on my options. Maybe I will try to get resurfacing done. Challenges, challenges. More stuff to ongoingly work at.

Aside of this drama, I’ve been increasing my study of Wilhelm Reich. Not really about his life and history but rather the bodywork techniques he pioneered. This is not easy, as he wrote little down about this stuff and the schools that developed are notoriously circumspect about discussing the therapy itself. But I found some information and have been slowly getting it into an up-to-date, comprehensible format. I’m now planning a Part 4 of my series of books on Bioenergetics called Reichian Segmental Armouring. It’s fascinating stuff and I’m planning a local workshop on it once restrictions allow.

Also, I’ve got big into “horizontal breathing,” another Reichian thing in many ways, but now widely taught by medics for treating asthma and COPD. For years I’ve told workshop participants to breathe deeply through the mouth down to the belly. This is all good but there’s a little further refinement to these instructions which can make a lot of difference. I will write more about this technique shortly.

Otherwise, I’m champing at the bit to start running groups again, here in Brighton, but have to wait a little longer.

I’m starting a series of podcast chats with other therapists and coaches where we just hang out on Zoom and discuss stuff. Just did the first one with Garrett Daun and we got on like a house on fire. Michael Samsel is next. Look out for those on my YouTube channel.

Part 2 of my Bioenergetics book goes well. I’m nearly done with the text and then it’s copy editing and typesetting and all that stuff. Hopefully it’s out for the summer. 

I’m so happy I printed my own book this time around, and didn’t chase after publishing deals. I get way more cash out of it this way and sales have been buoyant. Having been around the writing scene a few years I see many people endlessly pushing MSs towards the publishing houses and getting endless disappointments. It just feels really great to be able to do it myself, put out my own authentic content and make a living from it.

Sea-swimming I have sadly decided to interrupt for a week, just to check out if the cold is affecting the lack of mobility in my leg. I’m replacing it with leg exercises and will be back in the water if it’s not the culprit. For sure! It feels good to have gone through the whole winter anyway.

Thank you for reading, keep going for it and there is always a way forwards when we look hard enough. I believe that.

With love


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