Dev’s Newsletter – August 2021

Some big changes going on in my life right now. But first a quick update about my hip. It’s nearly six weeks since I had my hip replacement op and it feels like I’m 90% back to normal. No dramas so far. I was off crutches after about a week and back driving and cycling within three. The whole alignment on my left side, which had no doubt been compensating for the lack of cartilage in the hip socket, has been slowly correcting. Some muscles I still need to work on with stretches but I’m just super happy with how it’s all going.

After a year or so of being locked down together in our little flat, me and my partner have decided to take a break in our relationship for a few months, just to see how that is. I’ve decided to go off travelling from later in August. First stop, Kyiv. I’ve been intrigued for a while about the whole “digital nomad” lifestyle. And now that I’m earning enough from my laptop offering courses and therapy, I’m going to see how it is for me.

It feels good. Becoming 60, and then having to have my hip replaced, was a double-whammy of “old people’s stuff” for me. Do I need to think about moving into retirement mode? Should I just settle down in one place, with one partner? My mind was in this way of thinking. But deciding to take a break has woken my energy right up again. A new phase begins.

I don’t really have a plan for the next 5 to 10 years and hopefully I can forge one, if I need it, in the latter part of this year. But I anyway will be creating content and exploring new avenues in body-based therapy. I’ve realised why I like not being part of a big organisation. It gives me freedom to explore therapy stuff in a way I couldn’t before. I’m very happy that I’m not a member of some professional org somewhere, bound by red tape. I feel like therapy needs reinventing and I’m happy I can put my input in and try stuff out. How far can we go with online courses? How much do we still need the group room?

Books: My Bio books will move to Amazon sales run by someone else. If you still want to buy one direct from me at the usual price then you have another week to do so. Online here at this link. I will continue to sell ePub downloads from my site and will release the Part 2 download in a week’s time. In September, I begin the third instalment of this series – Reichian Character Structure. I intend to bring this awesome diagnostic modality right into the 21st century and show just how essential it is. I’m planning to have the finished book out by mid 2022.

Physical Workshops: I do one more before I leave – on Bioenergetics and Reichian Breathwork – on August 22nd. Check it out at this link.

Eastern Europe: If you’re in Kyiv, or further south in E. Europe and would like to meet up or put on a Bioenergetics or Reichian workshop, do drop me a line by replying to this mail. That would be cool. I’d love to hear from you.

Courses: Transforming Narcissism – a 7-module course – is now live at this link. I’m currently checking out bigger eLearning platforms to host the shorter courses that I’m creating. If you know this field well, do drop me a line. I’d love to chat. Likewise if you think you could affiliate market shorter courses.

Okay, that’s it from me. I wish you well in all that you are doing and feel free to drop me a line. I love hearing from people.

With Love and Best Wishes


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