Dev’s Newsletter – Feb 2021

Moving to Italy

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I have entered a new decade. I know what it’s like to be in my sixties. People are amazed when I tell them, which feels good. The last few weeks I have been busy with what I’m going to do in this new phase of my life. And what has actually been coming up for me is the return to communal living and the creation of my own Bioenergetics school and community in Italy. I want to create my own place and explore following my own path with “the Work” and I figure, now being sixty, that if I don’t get off my ass and start soon then it likely isn’t going to happen. 

So, my plan is to stay in Brighton for the Spring and Summer and research places and the legalities. And then to move over to Italy in the Autumn with Abhi, rent a flat short-term and check out actual places to locate the school.

Why Italy? Well, there are a few reasons. I find the UK property scene too expensive and too tied up in endless Building Regs and Health & Safety legislation to be suitable for a small, exploratory project that doesn’t have millions behind it. Italy, however, is far more provincial and individual districts are amenable to offers for properties that need work or people to occupy them. In addition, I love southern Europe and Bioenergetics is already well established and respected there. Finally, my girlfriend Abhi is from Italy and very happy to return. Although property is more cheap and available in the south, I will be focussing more on the north and north-central, especially around Bologna, Genova, Firenze and Rome. I will post an update monthly with this newsletter to let you know how it’s going. Accountability also keeps me on point.

Also in the last month… I really appreciated seeing Geetee, Chandrika and Premdip at my Zoom Birthday Party as well as heaps of other Humaniversity and Leela friends. I still feel the connection strongly to these parts of my past even when I am not so much physically in contact. Geetee is running regular Zoom dance sessions on Sunday afternoons, and I attended the one just past which was truly moving. I also enjoyed hosting my own Zoom party, especially with Anuprem’s awesome DJ’ing. However, I’m also aware that with my advancing years I want to focus on the work I want to bring in and not get back into the whole Tantra and new-age hosting scene.   

Daily sea swimming keeps my energy in a good space, along with daily Bioenergetics. I’ve also been investing time and money in investigating some issues in my left hip and leg which have been slowly getting worse. It’s been good to listen to the opinions of osteopaths and massage therapists and I now feel like I understand more of which muscles are holding and I can look at why this is happening. These parts of my body also really appreciate the attention I’ve been giving them, I can feel this too. They were feeling a bit taken for granted and protesting. My body is a constant source of wonder to me. 

Writing continues well. I’m nearly 35k words into Part 2 of my Bioenergetics trilogy and not struggling with it. Though I am busy with whether I should go through the whole ritual of getting hard copy printed. Dramas with the copy for my existing book; Brexit import hassles and the ongoing Royal Mail struggles have been a lot of work. Even though I love the idea of old school, proper books, I’m aware that I could just e-publish on Kobo and Kindle and all this hassle would be over. We see. 

My online Bioenergetics course continues great guns too. The Journey has around 60 participants and the newly-launched Part 2 Facilitator Training has started up with 2 graduates from The Journey currently on board. We do weekly Zoom sessions where they practice leading and I follow along and give feedback at the end. 

It’s most definitely becoming more and more important for me right now, this idea to pass on what I know, as well as to continue developing the work. I look for the next generation of teachers who will take this amazing practice out into their own communities and forge ahead. But, despite my desire, I insist on no short cuts. So much of so many lives is wasted in trying to take short cuts. In the coming months, I want to solidify the idea of my school as a way to support those who graduate from it, such that they have a platform from which to launch their own practices and find participants and clients. 

I continue to run one-to-one sessions here in Brighton should you be interested. Emotional expression work can be great if you’re struggling with Lockdown or if it’s putting pressure on your love relationship. I may start small workshops again soon too. 

In my own Bioenergetics practice, more and more I’m learning the value of deepening the breath before going into Bioenergetics. Assuming we can stay present in the body, deepening the breath down into the belly increases the charge and increases the release when we put ourselves into Bioenergetics postures.

A lot of this aspect of the work comes from Wilhelm Reich, who specialised in getting breathing down deep and then using the charge of energy this created to clear trauma from the system. However, despite being a prodigious writer, Reich documented few of his actual techniques here. So I’ve had to rely on some of his students and contemporaries to learn the specifics of his practises. I recommend in particular Jack Willis’ Reich Home Book, available as a free pdf online, if you’re interested. 

Okay. I hope you’ve found this newsletter interesting and perhaps useful. Do write me if you feel to. 

Best wishes and keep going for it.

Much love


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