Dev’s Newsletter – January 2021

So, the New Year is upon us and it’s been kind of different for me. Though, to be honest, New Years in general have been of declining personal significance for a while now. Or at least a decline in partying. I recall a decade ago at Leela, I’d rarely be in bed much before 6am after the NYE party. Then, for the last few years, it’s been a little more like “Oh, it’s past midnight and I’ve hugged everyone. Shall we go now?” There has been a definite decline in decadence, which I somehow associate with getting old.

2020 actually hasn’t been such a bad year for me. I know some people have been hit hard by Covid, and can’t wait for things to get back to normal, but for me it’s actually been really okay. I see, with the virus, that on one level I’m annoyed that I can’t meet friends, go to the pub or the cafe, run proper sessions or workshops and travel. But, on a deeper level, I do sincerely believe that the world needs massive change and that an interruption event like this might just facilitate that. I think that if something didn’t happen soon, we really would be up the creek. The pandemic has also allowed me to clear up more personal issues around authority and inner space and for that I’m grateful. If I’m honest, I am hoping that things don’t just “go back to normal” this year. I think our world is in process and that that needs to continue. 

I’m still swimming in the sea at Brighton every day for 20 minutes. It get progressively tougher, as the temperature drops a little each day right through until early March. But I’m committed to sticking with it and very grateful that Adam is also still up for it, as I find having a friend helps my commitment level. Accountability – can’t beat it. 

2020 has also been for the me the year where I really made a break with Leela, the community I’d been living in for 17 years, and faced the world outside once again. Covid made that process doubly unreal but I’m still feeling good and that I’ve achieved all those “male preoccupations” of wanting to make money and provide for myself. 

The Book
I’m nearly 25k words into Part 2 of my trilogy on Bioenergetics and still feeling that. Setting a good, realistic daily target for the number of words has worked for me. Not so many that I feel oppressed by it, and not so few that it takes forever. 

With Part 1, I plan to do one more physical printing. Once that has sold, I will release the epub version, sometime late Spring 2021, I expect. So, if you do want an old style book, don’t wait too long.

The Online Course
Bioenergetics – The Journey continues to go well. There are about 55 people on the online 52 week course right now. In December, the first few completed and a couple will continue on to Part 2, the facilitator training. They are really going for it and I’m super-proud of them. The others who have finished actually mostly want to do the first year again, because they feel like it’s still giving them a lot, which I also find really inspiring. It’s an ongoing and exciting experimental journey into what we can achieve online and I’m very proud to be a part of it, and grateful and impressed at the everyone who continues to be so up for it.

I still haven’t restarted physical workshops after the last one in October. It just feels right to wait a bit and see how things land, though being designated as “therapy” I probably could start up again. If you’re in the Brighton area and would love to attend something, do let me know.

Online Sessions
I’m offering online 45 minute group sessions via Zoom, as part of The Stoa platform. These are free and take place every second Saturday until March at 3pm UK time, 10am ET. The next one is later today, the 2nd Jan.

Okay, that’s it from me for this month. I do wish you absolutely the best for 2021, whatever kind of space you are in and however you are doing. Remember, our minds can’t work it out unless our body is involved. Keep doing the Bio! I will do the same.

With love and best wishes


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