Dev’s Newsletter – July 2021

Okay, so it feels like June was a pretty big month for me. Having been on a whole journey with my left hip and coming to terms with the reality that I need a replacement, I had resigned myself to waiting a few months at least. Then, suddenly… I got a call from the hospital saying there had been a cancellation and could I come for it in a few days! Inside, I was like “yes, yes” and “shit, shit” at the same time. But I went for it all the same.

Now, 10 days later, I’m off crutches and able to wander around Brighton. It’s still a bit achy, and that’s a drag at night as it interrupts my sleep. But each day my leg feels a bit stronger and I’m sure the ache will soon go down. I’m taking paracetamol but don’t want to take the dihydrocodeine tablets they gave me unless it’s really bad. My partner has been an angel at taking care of me, and I am one of those guys it’s not so easy to take care of!

Also going on in June, my new book arrived back from the printers and has been selling well. Check it out here…

Bioenergetics Part 2: Training the Body & Mind for Success! 

My new long-form course on Reichian Breathwork also came out and has already heaps of people on board

My new short-form course on Narcissism, I’ve put off launching until later in July, due to my hip op. 

In the coming months, I’ll be creating more short-form, 7-module online courses on subjects like Underachievement, Porn Addiction, Nice Guy/Good Girl behaviours, Victims of Narcissism and more. 

In-person workshops will return in September, once summertime is moving on. 

Okay, not such a long newsletter this month. I hope you are doing good and that you can have an excellent July.

with best wishes


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