Dev’s Newsletter – March 2021

Before getting too wordy this month, I thought I’d share a song. People used to ask me for music when I was running groups and I miss that. So I’ll share one a month…

Feeling Like a River – Santerna, Vadim Kapustin (Chillout mix)

If you don’t have Spotify, I’m sure you can find it on YouTube or similar. Okay…

I’m loving the Spring-like weather of Brighton that’s been with us for the last week. So good to see the sun and experience the longer days. With the long UK lockdown, my sense of excitement about Spring coming seems to be intensified greatly. Like I’ve really earned it somehow! I do have something of a feeling of accomplishment, of having faced myself, with these last few months and the endless grey skies and everything closed.

I actually feel little excitement about shops re-opening in another month and even the prospect of being able to go down the pub with friends is not pulling me in quite the way it was last year. I think I look forward mostly to the intimacy of reconnecting, the sense of unspoken acknowledgement of the last year between friends, more that charging back into shopping and partying.

I had a huge head of energy for moving to Italy a month ago to try and start my own centre, driven I think by my realisation that, now I’m 60, I won’t go on for ever. That continued for a week or two and then I began to grapple with the considerable practicalities – UK 90 day EU visas, bureaucracy and Covid uncertainty. This calmed me down considerably. Currently we’re planning to head off there to explore for a few months possibilities in Marque, Umbria and Tuscany at the end of August. 

I’m still sea-swimming daily and proud that I’ve made it through to March, actually the time when the sea is coldest here. It’s a curious and powerful drug this cold water. It seems to regenerate my dopamine and testosterone and I sleep like a rock at night. Life becomes much more simple.

Meanwhile, the rest of my life continues along in its groove, now that I’ve ingrained it into my week. I write Part 2 of my Bioenergetics Book. I go walking the South Downs Way with my partner on days off. I see a few clients online or in person, if they’re nearby and struggling. I create content for my online courses, which continue to work for interested people. The lack of choice, invoked by lockdown, actually suits me in many ways if I’m honest. 

The Guardian published a random article about Bioenergetics and my book in February, quite out of the blue, and I was suddenly besieged with orders. This was great but my latest consignment of copy was stranded due to Brexit somewhere between Poland and the UK. It finally rocked up though. I am struck by how many people still want hard copy. I kind of had this expectation that everyone was looking for eBooks now but this doesn’t seem to be the case, not for therapy/self-help material anyway.

I’m also continuing with working on myself, especially at a physical level. My hips are still too tight. My cervical spine too locked in places. My left leg still struggles. I do specific stretches daily and see various therapists. It feels good to take care of myself in this way, something I really didn’t do for a huge chunk of my adult life.

Do drop me a line if you feel to.

Keep going for it.

Much love


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