Dev’s Newsletter – May 2021

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Spring has come to Brighton. It’s beautiful. However, there’s still a cold north wind a-blowing and the nights and mornings are chilly. But I love it and it also feels like I’m pretty busy right now…

* We took the decision to stay in Brighton for the next few years. Me and my partner, who’s Italian, had been toying with the idea to go to Italy to set up our own therapy centre. But Brexit. But Covid. Etc, etc. Too much uncertainty. Will people even be able to fly in, in the future? So we’re staying here and taking that decision feels like it’s freed my energy up more. 

* Bioenergetics Book Part 2 is complete and now there’s proof-reading, typesetting, printing – all that stuff. But, come mid-June it should be available. Check it out at this link and feel free to pre-order your copy. I’m excited about it and for next year I’m going to continue with Part 3 – Reichian Character Structure.  

* Yup, Reich is coming back and I’m determined to do my bit to help. A journalist at The Guardian, Olivia Laing, is publishing her book, Everybody, which has a lot of Reichian content and she also wrote this excellent article on Reich a couple of weeks back. Give it a read. I’m predicting a huge resurgence of interest in working directly with the body therapeutically in the coming decade.

* My series of interviews on YouTube – Talking Therapy – are also going well. Last week I interviewed Steven Kessler about his work with Character Structure and we had great fun. It’s also a good practice for me to really listen to someone and ask intelligent questions that support them to open up, as opposed to just being busy with my own ideas all the time! I’m on the lookout for more interviewees, so drop me a line if you fancy it.

* I’ve discovered an excellent way to lose weight, relatively easily. I wanted to drop a couple of kilos for summer and into my inbox came the latest blog entry from Mark Sisson of Mark’s Daily Apple. What you do is you take the number 180, subtract your current age in years and that number – in my case 120 – is the heart rate you need to get yourself at for 45 mins a day. It’s great. Usually, I push myself at cardio in the gym, getting myself up to 150, and then collapse a bit. But, like this, it’s much easier to keep going and weight just seems to fall off! Apparently, this heart rate works your mitochondria in a certain way, or something like that. 

* Left hip update… after some great chats with the lady on the phone of the Royal Sussex muscular-skeletal unit, I’ve found out that there’s quite a wait to get a specialist to read my X-ray and explain it. Understandable with Covid continuing and I do hope the doctors and nurses get some decent downtime over the summer. So, I get a private doc to explain to me the X-ray next week and then I know more about what’s going on. Thank you to those of you who wrote me various remedies and related last month. I’ve been taking Collagen, Boron, Bicarbonate of Soda, Glucosamine, Cod Liver Oil and more all month. It’s been stable and not really hurting, though my mobility in a couple of directions is impaired so I suspect bone on bone contact and degenerated cartilage in places. I find out next week. 

* Real, physical workshops have started again! I ran a 3-hour session on Lowen and Reich last Sunday and the room was packed. Great to be doing stuff in person again. No more Zoom! The next one is another 3 hours in Hove on Sunday May 16. This will be about 2 Reichian Character Types – Oral and Schizoid. We will look at how these personality types emerge at key times in early infancy and what the effect is on our character. Then, of course, we work with the body to start to remove their influence. If you’re interested, please don’t wait too long to book as the last one got filled. I need to find a new venue where I can fit more people in. My last one unfortunately didn’t make it through lockdown.

* Finally, I’m excited that my girlfriend has new shifts at work and it means we get several days off in a row every week, from May onwards. Planning to get out camping, despite the cold nights, starting this weekend in Ashdown Forest.

That’s it from me. I hope you have a marvellous Springtime.



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