The Bioenergetics Facilitator Training


For some time now, since I started my YouTube channel, people have been asking me for both deeper content, in a structured form, and for me to create a Training so that they can learn to lead Bioenergetics in the way I do.

Bioenergetics – The Journey, which has been running online since December 2019, provides deeper content. You have 52 weekly workouts, each with a separate informational video explaining it in detail, and 12 theory modules to complete.

As of December 2020, I have now also launched The Bioenergetics Facilitator Training, a two-part course for those who have already completed The Journey, and who wish to progress on to becoming Bioenergetics Facilitators. The two parts I am calling Part 2 and Part 3.

Part 2 is a 26 week online course, structured in a similar way to The Journey, but with considerably more supervision and guidance from myself. It also has new features which I’ll talk about shortly.

Part 3 will be a 3 or 4 day in-person workshop, where we will focus on presentation skills and holding space. There will be a graduation ceremony at its conclusion, where you will be presented with your final completion certificate. For those who really can’t make this in-person workshop, and who have completed Part 2, I will organise a 3 or 4 day online event to achieve the same goals and to graduate students.

Upon completion of Part 2, you will receive a certificate announcing that you are now a Bioenergetics Facilitator Student. This means that you can lead small groups, online or in-person, to practice your skills. The certificate will enable you to get Professional Indemnity insurance, as a student, in most places worldwide.

Upon completion of Part 3, you will have graduated from the course, and will receive a certificate declaring that you are now a Bioenergetics Facilitator. This means that you can now lead group sessions and one-to-ones, online or in person, of Bioenergetics. The certificate will enable you to get full Professional Indemnity insurance in most places worldwide.

Download the Bioenergetics Facilitator Training Course Curriculum Here.


Bioenergetics Facilitation

The world is changing… big time! No one even knows how our society will look in a decade. And the world of therapy and self-development is changing too. A lot of younger people want to overcome issues and realise their potential without getting involved with a therapist.

Historically, therapy has tended to focus a lot on the client’s past, because that was what clients wanted in days gone by. But the coming generations are looking for quick, effective, low-cost ways of resolving issues and getting support to step up. And this is where the Bioenergetics Facilitator comes in!

Instead of getting involved in all the stories of what happened to whom and when from our childhood, Bioenergetics focuses on shifting the bodily holding patterns that are the physical manifestations of an imperfect childhood. It deals with the issues at a core level, bypassing the story-creating facilities of the mind.

Bioenergetics has the potential to utterly transform self-development. Learning to be a Bioenergetics Facilitator is a way that you can get involved at a core level in this revolution. Once you begin working with people, and through the School are part of a connected group of new facilitators, you will get the input and the support you need to develop your work in a way that makes use of your particular gifts.

We are bringing working with the body out into the world, and helping people to transcend their upbringing. It is good work to do and immensely rewarding.


Part 2 Details

This 26 week online course is designed to bring you up to a standard where you can facilitate Bioenergetics sessions, either for groups of people or one-to-one, in person or online. This means that, upon completion, you could expect to be ready to lead sessions of length one to two hours as a Student Facilitator.

You will also become a part of The British School of Bioenergetics, a body I am setting up to provide members with guidance and support. Once you are out in the world leading sessions, you will gain confidence and experience in working with people.

Let’s take a look at the course content.

  • Please be aware that, as this course is new, it is also a little experimental. This means that things may change as people join and there are new learnings as to what individuals need to progress.
  • Please also note that you need to have completed The Journey before you can join this course. No exceptions!
  • Finally, please be aware that, whilst this is a 6 month course, it is filled with a lot of content. So I recommend students consider completing it over a 9 to 15 month timeframe. If you’re clear you wish to do it, it could be better to purchase Lifetime Access.


  • As in The Journey, each week you get access to a new Workout video, with an accompanying Introduction video to explain it. However, there will now be two categories of Workout, and each week we will alternate between them.
    • One category are workouts for you to go deeper, an extension of The Journey, essentially. These will be between 30 and 45 mins long.
    • The other category will be workouts that you can also hold for others. These will be about 40 mins long.
    • For the latter, once you include arrival, introduction and completion, you will have an hour-long class.
    • So you will end up with thirteen 40 minute routines that you can lead out in the world.
    • There will be a written description of both categories of workout available with the content online.
    • As in The Journey, you need to complete each workout 7 times on separate days before moving to the next.
  • There will be a theory module every second week, covering all aspects of the written curriculum. Video and written versions will be available as before. This will also be quizzes as before, but for this course you will need to complete each quiz with an 80% pass mark. Retakes are permitted.
  • To practice leading sessions, there will be a live one hour Zoom Session once a week. In this session, you will have a chance to both lead and take part. And to give and receive feedback from myself and other attendees.
  • There will also be separate, fortnightly Zoom Sharings for 2nd Years only.
  • You need to be able to attend 2 Zoom Sessions and 1 Zoom Sharing a month to do this course. Timing can be arranged to suit different time zones.
  • You can also join the 1st Year Zoom sharings if you wish
  • Part 2 costs £150/month or £750 for lifetime access.
  • The Course Curriculum for Part 2 is available online at this link
  • Whether you paid subs or lifetime, upon completion of Part 2, you will be given lifetime access to both Parts.
  • Upon completion of Part 2, you will receive a Completion Certificate from The British School of Bioenergetics, signed by myself. This certificate will be accredited by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM) and will enable you to purchase Professional Indemnity Insurance as a “Student Facilitator.”
  • This insurance is needed for you to lead sessions with members of the public. It usually costs around £35/year.
  • To get insurance you will need to approach one of the insurance companies that automatically accept IPHM accredited courses, listed at
  • Alternately, you can approach one of the insurance companies that has evaluated the course and deemed it acceptable. A list of these companies is posted lower down this page.
  • IPHM connected insurance companies can be found to cover facilitators in the UK, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, & most of Europe. For other countries, you will need to check with local therapist insurers for those which accept either IPHM accredited courses or have themselves separately assessed and accepted the Training.
  • Upon completion of Part 2, you will be applicable to attend Part 3 of this Training, the final part.

Download the Bioenergetics Facilitator Training Course Curriculum Here.

Part 3 Details

This 4 day in-person workshop is required for students to graduate from the training and become a Bioenergetics Facilitator. It will be held in the UK when there are sufficient students ready for it. For students who have completed Part 2, but who absolutely cannot attend this workshop, I will arrange an online event to achieve the same function.

Price – Around £300 – £400, depending on numbers, and excluding food and accommodation.

Points to note:

  • It cannot be attended until Part 2 is fully and successfully completed.
  • Over 4 days, each student will be given supportive feedback on how they lead and how they take part, both by Devaraj and by their fellow students. The aim is to bring them right up to the standard required to hold sessions and one-to-ones out in the world. We will be focussing on workshop holding skills, including ethics and communication.
  • Should Devaraj assess a student as not being yet ready to graduate, they will be given clear, supportive advice of what they need to focus on and encouraged to come along to the next Part 3 workshop.
  • Upon successful graduation, students will receive their final certificate and are now qualified as Bioenergetics Facilitators in The British School of Bioenergetics.
  • This means that they can also get professional indemnity insurance as a fully qualified Bioenergetics Facilitator in the same manner as mentioned above in the description of Part 2.


A New School

I am creating a new organisation, The British School of Bioenergetics, to act as a hub for both Facilitators and for people who are looking for Facilitators. I am planning to base it at the website. Once you have completed Part 2, you will have a page allocated to you, where you can put information about yourself so that you can be found by the public.

This school will also publish ethics for Facilitators and hold occasional in-person or online social and sharing events for Facilitators and student Facilitators.




List of Insurance Companies

Where none of these cover the geographical region you wish to work in, please look for local therapist insurance that will accept this course, or IPHM-accredited courses.

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