Check out the FAQs about Bioenergetics – The Journey and the Bioenergetics Facilitator Training

Who is The Journey for?

Bioenergetics – The Journey is ideal for you if you:

  • really want to commit to a deep, transformational Bodywork course
  • are a therapist, coach or trainer who wishes to add Bioenergetics and Bodywork elements to what you teach
  • want to try working with the body to get through a personal issue

What can I expect from The Journey over time?

As you progress along with the course, you should feel more open, more grounded, more positive about life, more energised and more resilient. You will also develop over time a real understanding of how your body and mind interact on a physical and emotional level.

What Support is available whilst I'm on The Journey?

There are 3 ways to get support whilst on The Journey. Firstly, via the members only Telegram group. Secondly, during the weekly meetings on Zoom. Thirdly, you can message or email me at any time and we can arrange a 10-15 minute chat on video app or phone, free of charge.

Is The Journey easy to complete?

Some weeks it will likely feel easy and light. At other times you will almost certainly want to quit! This work is deep and it would be unrealistic to expect that you will not be considerably challenged on several occasions over the 52 weeks. This is the reason why I offer ongoing support to all members. This is most definitely a deep process.

How long do the workouts last for?

Workouts are around 25-30 minutes long to begin with, rising to around 40-45 minutes nearer the end.

Is there Anyone for Whom The Journey would not be suitable?

If you have a significant physical or mental health condition then it is important that you check in with me prior to signing up for The Journey. In terms of mental health, this means that if you’ve ever been diagnosed with a psychiatric condition you do need to drop me a line. This is just to make sure that this process will be likely be beneficial for you and to have a check-in.

Can I do The Journey if I don't want to become a Facilitator?

Yes, absolutely. The Journey is a fantastic stand-alone course, complete in itself. It’s perfect for anyone who wishes to go on a personal journey with Bioenergetics or who wishes to add knowledge of Bioenergetics to their existing practice or teaching.

How does The Journey feel Emotionally whilst I'm on it?

People have different experiences. But it is fair to say that most people will at times feel themselves more angry or more vulnerable. You may find old memories from the past resurfacing. You may find your dreams becoming more vivid and charged with meaning. These things are usually temporary and everything smooths out over time. You can reach out to me for support at any time.

What time do the Weekly Zoom Meetings happen?

The default is 6pm UK time. This should work for people in Europe and the US. Days vary. You receive a weekly email letting you know the day and time of the next Zoom Meeting.

Will I need any Special Equipment?

You will need at some point – a yoga mat, foam roller, a yoga block and a sofa with solid back or Bioenergetic Stool.

How do I Know if a Release is Happening when I'm doing Bioenergetics?

Some people experience tingling, heat or a sensation of energy moving in the muscles and these usually indicate a release. However, the main way to know is simply that you feel more open, or more grounded, after the workout.

Why might Lifetime Access be a better deal for me?

It’s cheaper in the long run, if you have the intention to complete the course. In addition, because the course has literally 52 weeks of content, most people would take longer than 12 months to complete it.

For whom will the Monthly Subs option work better?

The monthly subs option will work better for you if you just want to try out a month or two and see if it’s for you. Or if you can’t afford to pay for Lifetime Access right now.

My internet access is limited. Can I download the content?

Sorry, but i do want to protect my content. So the course can only be accessed through this website. However, low resolution versions are available through the player.

Are Subtitles available?

Subtitles for the weekly Introduction videos are available from the Player. Language is UK English.

Does the Completion Certificate give me permission to teach Bioenergetics?

No. But if you continue on to Part 2 – The Bioenergetics Facilitator Training – you can. Find out more here.

If I complete the year as a subscriber, paying £50/monthly, will I then lose access.

As a subscriber, you will lose access if you stop paying subs. However, I offer lifetime access to monthly subscribers if you join and complete Part 2, the 6 month Bioenergetics Facilitator Training, whether as a subscriber or paying for lifetime access.

Can I change from Monthly Subs to Lifetime Access and How Does That Work?

You can change at any time. Half of the money that you have paid as subs will be taken from the Lifetime Access fee.

Will The Journey be replacing your YouTube content?

No! All my video content on YouTube will remain, and I will continue to add to it weekly. Bioenergetics – The Journey is for those who want to commit to really go on a deep journey with this work.