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  • I’d been practising bioenergetics since januari 2019 via the you tube channel of Deveraj and was so impressed by the effect it had on my wellbeing in such a short time that i did a one to one session with Dev.I was thrilled when the announcement came that he was to begin this 52 week course .The Journey….. And yes it certainly is a Journey,but so worthwhile because everything is taken into account so that the absolute beginner will feel completely supported. Highly recommended!
    Giselle Reply
  • I came across Devaraj’s work and Bioenergetics through a friend of mine at the end of 2019. I started practicing occasionally and felt the positive effects quite quickly. Taking the 52 week course brought me to another level through the (almost) daily practice. It is a deep work, challenging at time, but worth it a thousand time and Devaraj is here to support all along. The way back to our body to release what is held back that prevent us living fully who we are: an amazing journey. A gift to oneself!

    Ariane Reply
  • As a naturopath and somatic bodywork practitioner I have done a lot of work with breathing and movement to grow myself spiritually, emotionally and physically over the last decade. I had been working with bio on and off for the last two years, but the 12 month journey has be remarkably impactful. I feel I am working into deep nooks and crannies in my body and psyche. I have found flexibility in my mind and body from this deep work. It is intense but it is worth it. Thanks Dev!

    Micah Mclaughlin Reply
  • I’m approaching the half way stage now on The Journey, and it is indeed a journey. At times challenging, it can bring up sadness, frustration and anger, but also joy and bliss. When these emotions work their way out of the muscle system through the release brought on by the exercises, an internal sense of spaciousness remains leaving me grounded and I am beginning to face life on my own terms. I followed Dev’s Youtube channel for a year or so before I started The Journey and so far it has exceeded my expectations considerably. If you have been dabbling in bioenergetics and are starting to feel the benefits then this course is the logical progression. Dev is always there to offer support and we also do a regular Zoom chat where we can share how we are doing, which helps massively in feeling a part of the emerging bioenergetics community. Jack

    Jack McPhee Reply
  • After discovering body based work through a natural progression in my healing journey, coming across Dev and specifically the 52 week journey has been the most impactful part. This kind of body based work, goes deep into a whole spectrum of feelings, and is slowly awakening a lot of energy inside me, that has previously been trapped and inaccessible. Although this work can be very challenging, Dev is there to support all the way through. The best things never come easy.

    elan brooks Reply

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