Dev’s Bioenergetics Newsletter – October 2020

I wanted to sit down and write another proper newsletter as I feel like I haven’t done one for a while. A guy I know called Peter Limberg, in Toronto, writes something original daily to subscribers of his platform, The Stoa. I often find myself in awe of his fortitude. So here goes. I thought I’d do it in sections so that you can tune in and tune out as you wish…

Things continue to go pretty good for me here in Brighton. I was in a big emotional drama about Covid and the lockdown when it first started, having been quite a fan of conspiracy theories some twenty years ago. But sometime around June I started to relax and accept it all as part of some process I didn’t really have much control over. That felt good.

It has actually been really good for me to be stuck in my little flat in Brighton for a few months. I’d been living for nearly two decades in a spiritual community in Dorset and, despite leaving in Jan 2019, I had still been returning to teach and help out on a weekly basis. The lockdown gave me the opportunity to make a proper break. Felt a bit like letting go of mama!

At first, I was busy with making enough money, feeling that male survival drive quite strong in a positive way. After a few months of that I could see and feel that I was doing okay, that I had enough money coming in ongoingly for a decent life and that I could relax. I’m happy and proud that I can make a living doing what I want. I think it’s the first time I’ve achieved that!

I published my first book on Bioenergetics in June of this year. I figured sales would be good at first and then drop off, which to a degree has happened, but I’m also still excited to see that ongoing sales a few months down the line are still robust. Right now I just have the printed version available, as I’m a bit old school, but likely next summer I will release a digital edition.

I’m planning to start Part 2 – Training Your Body (and Mind) for Success – this Autumn. I would like to release that in June 2021. This will focus much more on using daily Bio exercises to keep yourself in a productive and resilient space, where you can access your ability to handle whatever life throws at you. Success will mean being happy, not just in work, but also with friendships and love life.

Online Course
My first online Bioenergetics course continues to go from strength to strength. I launched it last December and there are now some 45-50 people on it worldwide. It is 52 weeks long but the content is such that the average person will take likely 1.5 to 2 years to complete. We have a chat group for members and weekly Zoom sharings. A lot of other therapists are on it to add to their knowledge of the body in psychology.

I’m now planning a Part 2, which will be a facilitator training. This will also be online and will last 6 months. Completion of the 52 week course will be a prerequisite for joining.

The course will be recognised by Balens, a subsidiary of Zurich Insurance. This means that upon completing the Facilitator Training you will be able to get personal indemnity insurance to work with people.

School of Bioenergetics
I’m also planning and getting advice about starting The British School of Bioenergetics. This organisation will act as a hub for people interested in Bioenergetics, in the UK and worldwide. Successful completion of the facilitator training will make you a member of the school and you will have a page where you can present yourself and what you offer.

If the situation with Covid improves next year, I will also be looking at creating a one or two year long training for people who are able to attend physical workshops. This will likely be based in Brighton.

Right now I’m just dipping my toe back in the water with workshops. Last Sunday I led a Bioenergetics Day in Brighton, which was fully subscribed. It was the first workshop I’d led since Project Man back in March. Haven’t been so long without leading a group for years! It was a great space and people were really appreciative at the end and in messages I received the day after. I’m looking at doing another late October. If there’s any particular kind of workshop you’d appreciate attending, do reply to this mail and let me know. I appreciate input.

What is handy is that the Gov does allow teaching events of this kind to be free of the 6 person rule. I’m actually interested in working with social distancing in place, and exploring what can be done like this. Traditionally, most deep therapy has relied on a decent amount of physical contact and for many of us therapists I think it’s fair to say that we couldn’t imagine working with people without this. But I also like to experiment and not be close-minded. And Bioenergetics is one deep therapeutic modality that can be practised without physical contact.

Social Media
After watching this new movie, The Social Dilemma, I felt moved to try giving up Facebook, as it did seem to me that they are over-stepping the mark with their activities in Africa and Asia. It was quite exciting to delete my account after over a decade. But of course it does mean that you now can’t find me there anymore. I’ll see how long I last without it, or if I create a new one.

You can find me, however, on YouTube and Instagram for Bioenergetics and Therapy; and Twitter for Therapy and other stuff. Also Substack and of course my website. See links below.

Okay, that’s it from me. I hope you’ve appreciated this update and feel free to reply. I enjoy hearing from people, especially now that I’m living more a normal life out in society.

With love and best wishes


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