What I Offer

  • Online Sessions via video app – £40 for 45 minutes
  • In-Person Sessions in Brighton, UK – £70 for 1 hour

    For online sessions, I offer Bioenergetics based around Character Structure, or to your needs. I can tailor a Bioenergetic workout for your needs, as a one-off, or we can do ongoing work together, usually on a fortnightly (2 weeks) or monthly basis.

    For in-person sessions in Hove (UK), I offer “rapid-change” supportive therapy one-to-one with clients, also with couples. I work with Bioenergetics and with Emotional Expression, creating a space so repressed feelings can come out, and utilising body-opening techniques to reduce the fear and charge that is often associated with going back into old feelings.

    I believe that when someone feels confident to fully express their feelings and can give receive and love they will have an intrinsic level of psychological health.

    Availability: As of May 2021, I’m available Monday – Friday, 9-5 UK time.

    Please note that I ask for payment in advance to confirm the session. You can use PayPal or Stripe at the buttons below.

    Intake Form for Sessions online here. Make use of the final box to give me information about the issue you would like to work on.

    If you’ve booked your online session please have a read-through of these points. This will help us get the most out of the time.

    Get in Touch

    • Send me an email – devaraj227@gmail.com
    • SMS or Whatsapp to +44 7950204557
    • Skype to devaraj.sandberg
    • Zoom ID – 799 013 5668
    • Telegram to @Dev227

    The Areas and Issues I Specialise In

    Coming into your Power

    • coming out of the victim position, overcoming being bullied
    • being able to take a position, or ask for what you need
    • being able to state your boundaries clearly, and say No to what you don’t want

    Developing Clear Communication

    • being able to state what you need, without placing blame on the other
    • being able to resolve conflict and find a way forward
    • understanding how to respond to what’s going on now, without carrying a charge from the past that causes you to over-react

    Resolving the Past

    • understanding how unresolved traumas or conditionings affect the choices we make now
    • understanding how the body develops “holding patterns” from unexpressed emotions, and how to move these patterns out, allowing our feeling and our energy to flow more clearly
    • being able to get needs met without compromising your authenticity

    Improving Relationships

    • understanding how judgements about others create a wall between you, and how to come closer
    • understanding what’s “yours” and what’s “theirs” on an emotional level
    • learning how to communicate, without dumping negativity, so people can feel grateful that you speak your truth

    To get in touch please email me at devaraj227@gmail.com