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I offer “rapid-change” supportive therapy one-to-one with clients, also with couples. I work with Bioenergetics and with Emotional Expression, creating a space so repressed feelings can come out, and utilising body-opening techniques to reduce the fear that is often associated with going back into old feelings.

It’s a direct, clear approach that allows bodily holding patterns to shift and a new, more dynamic You to emerge.

I also work via Skype or other Video apps, offering expert support with Bioenergetics or Therapy in general.

I specialize in helping you get what you need in life, whether it is in friendships, love relationships or at work. For couples I hold a space where you can go into any underlying emotions in your relationship, face-to-face with your partner if desired.

So many relationships break up when actually all that is needed is that you can go into your deeper emotions together.

I believe that when someone feels confident to fully express their feelings and can give receive and love they will have an intrinsic level of psychological health.

Session Pricing

In Person: £50/hour + room hire fee (£15 – £20 in Brighton; £10 in Dorset)
Via Skype: £40 for 45 minutes
I ask for payment in advance by Paypal or Bank Transfer to my UK bank account.
PayPal – Send me £40 by using this link…
Book a Session by Emailing me –

The Areas and Issues I Specialise In

Coming into your Power

  • coming out of the victim position, overcoming being bullied
  • being able to take a position, or ask for what you need
  • being able to state your boundaries clearly, and say No to what you don’t want

Developing Clear Communication

  • being able to state what you need, without placing blame on the other
  • being able to resolve conflict and find a way forward
  • understanding how to respond to what’s going on now, without carrying a charge from the past that causes you to over-react

Resolving the Past

  • understanding how unresolved traumas or conditionings affect the choices we make now
  • understanding how the body develops “holding patterns” from unexpressed emotions, and how to move these patterns out, allowing our feeling and our energy to flow more clearly
  • being able to get needs met without compromising your authenticity

Improving Relationships

  • understanding how judgements about others create a wall between you, and how to come closer
  • understanding what’s “yours” and what’s “theirs” on an emotional level
  • learning how to communicate, without dumping negativity, so people can feel grateful that you speak your truth

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