Also known as the “Merging Pattern,” what identifies this character type is a deep, inner neediness that resulted from an inadequate bond with the mother in the first year of life. The mother may not have been abusive or hostile in any way. Nevertheless the child experienced her as inadequately present. This character type moves through life haunted by a sense of inner emptiness and the underlying belief that, no matter what happens, they will never get enough. They struggle to hold good boundaries with others because they need, consciously or otherwise, to keep themselves open to the possibility of merging with another. The lack of a properly defined psychological vessel makes it hard for them to accumulate energy internally and leaves them prone to depression.

The goal for the Oral Type is to hold stronger boundaries with the outside world and to appropriately articulate his or her own needs.



Appearance & Behaviour

  • Their body posture may appear submissive, with their belly pushing forwards and their chest concave
  • Their neck may crane forwards
  • They may seem to have low energy
  • Their legs may be weak and appear locked straight




  • Oral traits form in the pre-egoic phase of childhood, around 0 to 18 months.
  • Invariably they suffered from a lack of attention or affection from the mother.
  • Their inner world tends to be dominated by a sense of emptiness
  • They tend to live in a state of deprivation, believing that no matter how much they receive, it will never be enough.
  • They may become narcissistic later in life, trying to fill a bottomless hole inside of them with attention
  • It’s likely they will struggle to maintain healthy boundaries, as their psyche is dominated by a need to bond, to connect
  • They will likely have tendencies towards depression
  • As their psyche lacks boundaries, they may struggle to have enough energy to get them through the day
  • They will usually experience a regular feeling of deep neediness
  • Their forward stretching neck may, on a symbolic level, be trying to reach the nipple, for nourishment



Treatment Notes

  • The Oral type needs to strengthen their energetic vessel. They have to develop better boundaries, otherwise all their energy will simply leak out and they will be prone to depression, and struggle to find meaning and joy in life.
  • Exercises working at the belly level are very useful to achieve the above.
  • Once the vessel is getting stronger, then exercises to open between the belly and throat are great for increasing the level of healthy energetic charge inside.
  • Strengthening through legs and general grounding is good.
  • Bioenergetic sucking exercises and Rebirthing may help to clear out some of the charge in the body from the mother wound
  • It’s great for Oral types to practice clearly asking for what they need.


The Oral Type