Reichian Character Structures #1 The Oral

Appearance & Behaviour:

  • Neck craning forwards
  • Chest back, belly forwards
  • Submissive body posture
  • Needy, acting helpless
  • Life energy – low
  • Legs weak, knees locked straight


  • Oral traits form in very early childhood, the pre-genital phase – 0 to 18 months – from a withdrawal wound.
  • The wound creates a feeling of Deprivation, of never having enough.
  • Also, that the outside owes them, or should provide/give to them. But whatever they get it will not be enough
  • Tendencies towards depression
  • Difficulties to feel anger
  • Inner world – Empty
  • May have a hyper dependence on self-image to feel okay, narcissism
  • low energy, under-charged psyche, low sexual energy


  • Strengthening through legs and general grounding – belly to soles of feet
  • Mobilizing Anger, expression – to increase the level of charge that can be held in the body
  • Sucking exercises, rebirthing
  • Practising to take responsibility to get needs met

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