Reichian Character Structures #3.3 Passive Feminine

Rigid Subtype – Male

Appearance & Behaviour

  • Soft feminine voice, lacking depth
  • Soft, smooth, unlined feminine face
  • Soft hands
  • Gentle manner, exaggerated politeness, apologising, over-friendly, fake humble
  • Lack of assertiveness in body movements
  • Shy, hard to be in front of a group
  • May have high body flexibility
  • Reaction to authority
  • Manipulative, cunning
  • Phobic, dominated by fear
  • Fascination with female body and a desire to be a woman
  • Feels tired and lacking enthusiasm
  • Hard working
  • Low anxiety, contrast masochist


  • Dominating father, nervous mother
  • Trapped in early development. Scared to stand up to Dad. But strong enough not to retreat into being Oral. 
  • Collapsing in face of father’s authority, contrast 3-1. May project anger onto women, as an easier target.
  • In love relationships, sometimes become gay. They tend to either act as a child with an older woman, or as a father with a younger one. 
  • Tendency towards fears and phobias (lack of ego aggression)
  • Geniality blocked by fear, a kind of paralysis
  • On some level, may want to be a woman
  • Castration anxiety
  • Despite flexibility in body he cannot access feelings properly. Tension deeper in muscles, soft on surface. Contrast 3-1
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Low energy in pelvis


  • Like the Endurer, they tend to be compliant and forthcoming in therapy but without emotional engagement
  • Treatment is generally slow, as with Endurers. Aggression has been buried deep and must first be found. Contrast phallic narcissistic
  • Express anger against father, or men in general
  • Anger and aggression generally but hard to find, affect block rather than denial.
  • Work with legs
  • generally release to the point of exhaustion necessary
  • Throat release
  • Belly activation
  • Working in group can bring out aggression

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