An Introduction to Bioenergetics

This course is for anyone who’s interested in Bioenergetics specifically or Body-based Therapy in general. I will be guiding you on a deep journey with Bioenergetics, allowing you to experience the depth of personal transformation available when working with the body in this way.

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Transforming Narcissism

This 7-module online course is for anyone who’s interested in narcissism, or who wants to work on their own narcissistic side.

In this intense, experiential course, I will be unravelling these traits on a much deeper level, giving you the understanding and the practices that you need to transform narcissism and to develop a healthy, nourished personality that you feel good about. This course is not about “stopping being a narcissist.” Rather it is about learning how to use our narcissistic side as a stepping stone to creating a better and more authentic life for ourselves.

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